My name is Mrs. Borra and I am the literacy specialist at Dutch Lane School.  I teach the Academic Intervention Services (AIS) and Remedial Reading Programs.  
   The AIS program services students in second through fifth grade in reading and mathematics.  Eligibility for the program is based on the New York State and district testing scores.  The program is designed to provide additional support in the areas of reading, writing, and listening. The math classes provide support in computation and problem solving skills. The program provides services during the school day using both a pull-out and push-in model. The pull-out period is scheduled on a rotating basis in lieu of art, library, music, gym and computer.
   The Remedial Reading Program services students in first through fifth grade.  Eligibility for the program in grades 1-3 is based on district testing scores and teacher recommendation.  Eligibility for the program in grades 4 and 5 is based on both district testing scores and the NYS ELA assessment.  The program provides services during the school day using a pull-out model from the classroom.
   My goal is for my students to strengthen their academic skills while building their self-confidence and becoming life-long learners! 
Please feel free to contact me with any questions during the school day by phone (516)733-2361 or email kborra@hicksvillepublicschools.org