Summer Reading 2016
Welcome to the home page of Hicksville Public Schools' 2016 Summer Reading lists.  We are delighted once again this year to offer students lists of suggested titles for both fiction and informational text across all grade levels that have been prepared by our school's librarians.  As of now, master lists are accessible through the links that have been established for Grades K & 1, Grades 2 & 3, Grades 4 & 5, the middle school (Grades 6-8), and the high school (Grades 9-12).  Please, scroll down to access each list.  Moving forward, links will be activated for each of the sub-topics listed for greater ease of upload and use.
The reading lists themselves can be accessed be selecting the links below.  Students are encouraged to select books from the list that represents the grade that they will be entering in September 2016.  At all times, parents are encouraged to encourage their children to read and to ask them questions about the books that they are reading.  
The lists contain Lexile ratings for titles where these ratings are available.  Lexile Ratings are measures of a book's readability that can be linked to students' RIT scores on the Reading portion of this past spring's Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) testing.  This year's middle and high school lists also include exemplar titles that have been identified by the New York State Department of Education in the Common Core Standards for English Language Arts and Literacy -- Appendix B, the full text of which can be accessed through the English Department home page.  
Students or parents who have questions regarding this year's summer reading lists should contact Dr. Thomas P. Moss, Supervisor of English, Reading, and Libraries (516-733-2147).
Happy reading!
Grades K & 1
Grades 2 & 3
Animal Stories
Folk and Fairy Tales and Fantasy
Graphic Novels
Historical Fiction
Humor and Realistic Fiction
Informational Text

Grades 4 & 5
Fantasy and Science Fiction
Middle School (Grades 6-8)
High School (Grades 9-12)