Student Resources

 Students are expected to participate in extra help sessions on an as needed basis for assistance with course concepts and objectives and test preparation.  Listed below are the times and days that extra-help is offered by each secondary teacher.  Students may also find the following resources helpful.
Middle School-Ms. Mary Guanti-Monday 2:25-3:05
High School- Ms. Yun Feng-Wednesday-Friday 2:30-3:10
                            Ms. Joanne Vasilyadis-Thursday 2:30-3:10
                            Ms. Julianne Calvacca's students receive extra help from Ms. Vasilyadis on Thursday as well

Staff Resources

NYSABE-New York State Association for Bilingual Education
NYSTESOL- New York State Teachers of English As A Second Language
Long Island Regional Bilingual Education Resources Network Funded Programs/BETAC/About Us.aspx