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    Healthy Summer

    Summer Sun

    UV rays are strongest in the middle of the day. Plan indoor activities at that time or look for shade to prevent sunburn.

    • Cover the skin with a shirt and sunscreen to avoid sunburn!

    • Wear a hat-preferably one that covers the neck and ears. If wearing a baseball hat, remember to apply sunscreen to the neck and ears!

    • Sunglasses protect eyes from UV rays. Look for ones that wrap around and block nearly 100% of UV rays!

    • Use sunscreen with at least an SPF of 15 and UVA/UVB protection!

    Water Safety

    Summer Water Safety

    When protecting kids while swimming, most parents think about life jackets, swimming lessons, and childproofing their pool. However, swimming in pools, lakes or waterparks might be contaminated with germs that can cause recreational water illness such as: Giardia, Pink Eye, Swimmer’s Ear and others.

    Steps to take to keep everyone safe:

    • Teach your child not to swallow water when swimming or playing in water.
    • Keep your child out of water when he/she has an open wound, diarrhea, pink eye, hepatitis A, or other contagious diseases.
    • Don’t share pool or beach towels.
    • Take younger child to bathroom frequently, they will be less likely to have accidents in the water.
    • Keep in mind that swim diapers and swim pants are not leakproof, change them often in the bathroom not by the pool and wash child’s and your hands before exiting the bathroom.
    Enjoy and have a great and safe summer!

    Mrs. M. Orlic, RN
    Woodland Elementary School

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