Student and Staff Resources

Students are expected to participate in extra help sessions on as need basis for assistance with course concepts and objectives and test preparation.  Listed below are the days that extra help is offered by each teacher.  Students may find the following resources helpful:

Link to Science Teachers' Extra Help Schedule Click Below:
Science Extra Help Schedule

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Click on the links below for access to past Grade 4 and 8 Assessment Exams:
Link to Grade 4 Science Assessment Exams 2004 to present:

Link to Grade 8 Science Assessment Exams - 2001 to present:

Link to Chemistry Regents Exams - 2003 to present:
Link to Earth Science Regents Exams - 2006 to present:
Link to Living Environment Regents Exams - 2003 to present:
Link to Physics Regents Exams - 2003 to present:
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