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  • East Street Honors Nation’s Heroes

    The East Street community paid homage to the nation’s fallen heroes with a medley of patriotic musical performances, speeches and activities during its annual Memorial Day ceremony. Following a schoolwide performance of “God Bless America,” student representatives from every class planted small flags in the “Field of Honor” located at the front schoolyard. Three fifth-graders then read aloud their essays about what Memorial Day means to them, and the ceremony concluded with a schoolwide singalong of “Proud to Be an American,” which featured some students performing the song in sign language.

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  • Hicksville Named Best Community for Music Education

    The National Association of Music Merchants and the University of Kansas have named Hicksville Public Schools a 2016 Best Community for Music Education. The distinction is earned by school districts that exhibit outstanding efforts and commitment toward maintaining music education as part of the schools’ core curriculum. The district is one of 476 school districts throughout the nation to earn the prestigious designation, and continues to excel in its music instruction and wide array of programs.

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  • Honoring Secondary Students’ and Staff Members’ Excellence

    The Board of Education hosted a Secondary Student and Staff Recognition Ceremony to honor standout members of its middle and high school communities. The program began with a musical performance by students of the high school chamber ensemble, who performed a harmonious rendition of “Viva la Vida” by Coldplay, and was followed by the ceremonial certificate distribution. Awards included the recognition of staff members’ service and of students’ academic and fine arts achievements in various competitions.

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  • Lee’s Piece of the Pi

    Students and staff at Lee Avenue celebrated Pi Day on March 14 with fun and educational activities related to the mathematical constant. Principal Stephanie Stam taught students about the origin and meaning of Pi before performing a magic trick in which she asked a student to pick a card and revealed it inside a pie. Four students then participated in a pie-eating contest to determine who could eat the most amount in one minute.

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  • Artistic Anti-Bullies

    Students at the high school expressed their support of the district’s anti-bullying initiatives through an arts contest hosted by the Long Island Coalition Against Bullying. Students in each of the high school’s grade levels participated in the competition, and the winners were each honored at an awards ceremony held at the Kristoff Theater and attended by members of the district’s administration and LICAB. The contest, which tasked the 75 participating students with expressing their individual visions for what a bully-free community looks like through the mediums of literature, visual arts or multimedia, awarded first- and second-place prizes of $250 and $150, respectively, to two students in each grade level.

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  • Middle School Welcomes Book Fairies

    As part of the middle school’s ongoing altruistic efforts, the National Junior Honor Society organized a schoolwide collection of books to donate to the Book Fairies organization. Book Fairies, which collects books for all age groups, donates to Long Island school districts with higher socio-economic needs. The nonprofit received 15 boxes of books for distribution from the middle school.

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  • Fork Learns About the World of Future Possibilities

    Students at Fork Lane learned about the countless career choices they can make in the future by engaging in occupation-related activities and discussions on Career Day. The students dressed as individuals across a wide variety of fields, and learned that they can achieve anything that they set their minds to.

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  • East Street Students Become Antibullies

    Fourth-grade students at East Street participated in a two-day workshop designed to continue teaching them about the value of antibullying, nonviolence and being considerate of others. Representatives of Child Abuse Prevention Services (CAPS) visited the school and spoke to students about what they can do to prevent bullying. The students were also encouraged to practice methods to become aware of their peers’ feelings and to be compassionate everyday.

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  • The Lion King. A "Roaring" Success

    Congratulations to the cast, crew, and directors Mr. DePalo, Ms. Haddock, and Mr. Starr for their amazing production of The Lion King. The production made history with sold out shows on Friday and Saturday. The coordination and choreography was truly breathtaking given that almost one hundred and twenty students participated in all aspects of the production. Talent abounded as students performed not only on stage but in the aisles as well. The directors creatively utilized all areas of the auditorium to create a surround sound effect as students chanted from the rear and down the aisles as they joined in with their counterparts on stage. Special thanks to the stage crew for all of their help behind the scenes to keep the production running smoothly and successfully. A great job by all!!

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  • High School Honors Community’s Senior Citizens

    The district honored the community’s senior citizens during its 24th annual Spring Senior Citizen Luncheon at the high school. The guests were served delicious meals by student-volunteers in a ballroom-type setting in one of the school’s gymnasiums, and were also treated to remarkable performances by student-musicians, including “New York, New York” by the jazz ensemble; a duet of “I Can’t Help Myself” by student-vocalists; and “Bop Talk” by the saxophone quartet.

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