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Congratulations to the RAZ Kids Winners

The staff of Burns Avenue recently started an incentive program to increase the amount of independent reading done at home.  To do so, teachers made use of the RAZ Kids Program, which allows students to read books on their reading level and take tests to assess their understanding of the books.  The program, which is designed to increase fluency and comprehension, contains a variety of high interest books that can be accessed on a home computer or tablet.  
As part of the incentive program, teachers monitored the amount of time each student spent on the RAZ Kids Program in November.  Certificates were given to the two students in each class who spent the most time using the program.  Teachers have also set monthly goals for their classes and awards will be given to the classes that reach their goal.
Congratulations are offered to the winning students.  Hopefully, students will continue to make use of the RAZ Kids Program to enhance their reading skills and increase their interest in reading.
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