• Curriculum Guides 

    Parents are encouraged to review curriculum guides for all courses. Information on Curriculum Guides for each course may be accessed by clicking on the heading to the left for the appropriate grade level. Curriculum Supervisors and teachers are available to discuss course curriculum with parents and students.

    High School Department

    Food & Nutrition I & II 

    The Food & Nutrition curriculum reflects the Hicksville Public Schools’ Wellness Policy. The curriculum introduces students to healthy dietary choices and to the latest research that links their eating habits to their overall health.
    We provide students with multiple examples of healthy food choices and substitutions and nutritional information that they can share with their families.
    Lifespan Studies Core

    The goal of the Lifespan Studies Core is to ensure that students gain the necessary knowledge and skills to maintain life-long personal health while creating and living in a healthy environment which balances their obligations to work, family and self. The entire life cycle of human beings is studied which includes brain development, prenatal development, childhood and adolescence development and an overview of the elder years. Greater emphasis is placed on the teen and adult years. Thus, students will learn about marriage and parenting and other milestones of adulthood which include the establishment of independence and personal and professional relationships. This includes a unit on careers. Students will also learn about maintaining good health and happiness in the elder years. The course encourages students to be self-reflective throughout their lives.
    Middle School Department

    The Hicksville Middle School Home & Careers program is part of a three year continuum in which students receive ten weeks of instruction in sixth, seventh and eighth grade, respectively. Each course builds on students’ previous knowledge and skills.

     Home & Careers 6              

    Home & Careers 6 focuses on helping students make a successful transition to the middle school. Students will learn about making smart choices for success in school. Smart and healthy nutritional choices will also be emphasized.

     Home & Careers 7              

    Home & Careers 7 focuses on the teen years: self-discovery and relationships as well as a sewing unit and topics in food and nutrition.

     Home & Careers 8              

    Home & Careers 8 focuses on career exploration and money management and making smart and healthy nutritional choices.