•  Scool

    GOAL #1 

    To implement the Common Core Standards and increase achievement in the areas of Language Arts and Mathematics.

    Action Plan

    1. The Reading Street Program will be implemented in Grades K-5. 

    2. The Fundations Program and Writer’s Workshop will be incorporated into the Language Arts Program.

    3. Word processing will be utilized to develop written expression.

    4. Websites and computer programs such as Reading A-Z and RAZ Kids will be used to develop fluency and comprehension. 

    5. The Go Math Program will be implemented in Grades K-5.

    6. The MAP Testing Program will be utilized in Grades K-5 to assess student growth in reading and mathematics.

    GOAL #2

    To increase achievement for at-risk students.
    Action Plan
    1. An inclusive ENL Program will be implemented to address the needs of English Language Learners.

    2. An RTI Program that includes the Reading teacher, AIS teacher, and classroom teachers will be implemented.

    3. The System 44 and Read 180 computer programs will be implemented with classified students to develop fluency and comprehension.

    4. Special Education students will be provided instruction in push-in and pull-out settings.

    5. Before-school tutoring will be offered to at-risk students.

    6. An after-school academic program will be provided for designated students in Grades K-5.

    7. An academic summer program will be provided for designated students in Grades K-5.

    GOAL #3

    To implement a Pre-Kindergarten Program for eligible four year old students.
    Action Plan 
    1. A half-day Pre-K Program will be implemented during the year.
    2. The High Scope Curriculum will be implemented to develop communication and interpersonal skills.   
    GOAL #4

    To ensure the health and safety of students.

    Action Plan

    1. A School Safety Committee will examine health and safety issues each month.

    2. A School Emergency Response Plan will be created.

    3. State requirements regarding Bus Drills, Fire Drills, Sheltering Drills, and Lockdown Drills will be met.

    GOAL #5

    To assist in the creation of the annual budget and provide oversight in the maintenance of the building.

    Action Plan

    1. A list of possible capital projects and maintenance projects will be developed.

    2. Proposals for the 2018-19 school budget will be formulated.

    3. Problems related to the facility will be corrected through the use of a computerized work order program.

    GOAL #6

    To increase involvement of parents and students.

    Action Plan

    1. The Parent Portal of Power School will be utilized to keep parents informed of their child’s progress.

    2. The school website will contain teacher webpages that include daily homework assignments and information about upcoming tests and projects.

    3. Parents will be required to sign homework contracts.

    4. Parents will be encouraged to utilize the District’s newly constructed Parent Center.

    5. The online component of the Go Math Program and Reading Street Program will be made accessible to parents and students.

    6. Workshops will be provided to the parents of students in the ENL Program and RTI Program.

    7. Students will be encouraged to participate in art contests, seasonal projects, and the PTA Reflections Program.

    8. Students will be encouraged to participate in community service projects run by the Burns Avenue Student Council.

    9. The Burns Avenue PTA will sponsor Cultural Arts programs and evening events to increase involvement of parents.