• Bereavement Counseling

    (Compiled by Kelly Bocchicchio, LCSW-R)

    1.      Center for Hope- Groups are free and are held either once a month or twice a month. Groups are approx.1 ½ hours long and run 6:30PM-8PM.  There are up to 12 children in a group.  Parent meetings may also be provided during this same time. Groups start at the end of September/beginning of October and end in May/June.    Please call (516)216-5194 or contact:

    Center for HOPE
    Cohen Children's Medical Center
    269-01 76th Avenue
    New Hyde Park, NY 11040
    Attn: Susan Thomas

    Department of Social Work


    2.     Hospice Care Network- Groups run for 8 weeks- once a week for 1 ½ hours throughout the year. They offer children’s groups starting with 4 year-olds up to 18 year-olds as well as adult individual and group sessions.  There is a one-time assessment fee of $40 per child and no other group fee. Adult individual sessions are free and there is a $60 group fee for the 8 weeks. Please call Jessica Dunn @ 516-224-6485 to set-up your child’s intake and Sheri Berkowitz @ 516- 224-6533 to set-up an intake for an adult.  The address for Hospice care Network is 99 Sunnyside Blvd., Suite 2, Woodbury, New York.

    3.     SIBS Place- (516)374-3000    

    4. Cancer Care of Long Island- 364-8130   

    5. COPE- 418-6606

    6.      Individual Bereavement Counselors-

    ·        Elissa Sheinkin-516- 557-3386, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in East Meadow

    ·        Dr. Donna Guarton- 516-448-0443, psychologist in Massapequa

    ·        Dr. Anne Kane- 516-678-7348, psychologist in Rockville Centre

    ·        Donna Cain-Hlenski- 631-423-1733, Certified Social Worker in Great Neck

    *Contact your child’s pediatrician and insurance company for more bereavement counselors.* 

    ***When making an appointment with a counselor, ask the counselor if they accept your insurance or if they would be willing to do a sliding-scale fee.  First, go for a consultation to decide if you feel comfortable with this new counselor and then plan additional sessions to help with the grief & healing process.***

    7.     Website- www.dougy.org  (The National Alliance For Grieving Children)