• Teaching is the Core Grant (TITC)

    Hicksville Public Schools has partnered with Nassau BOCES and a seven-district consortium through assessment review and action plan development, followed by implementation of a regional action plan resulting in an assessment inventory that both informs instruction and meets New York State APPR guidelines. The project is expected to reduce the number of assessments students must take while increasing each assessment’s value to teachers and administrators as a tool to inform instruction.
    Through Nassau BOCES Hicksville Public Schools will collaborate with Learner-Centered Initiatives (LCI) to prepare participating districts to determine whether each assessment in their inventory is well-aligned to New York State Standards and to the rigors of assessment, and is useful in informing instruction.
    As part of the professional development process, a district Assessment Review Team is participating in training and support to review district assessments against criteria for effective assessments, collaborate with other district teams in developing an action plan for modifying the assessment inventory, and begin the action plan implementation process.
    BOCES staff will lead the professional development, working closely with LCI to address key issues related to development of formative assessments, and support our district team in building a databank of instructionally useful assessments that align with APPR requirements. The result will be an assessment inventory that more effectively supports student achievement and improvement.
    For more information, contact:

    Marianne Litzman
    Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction

    Susan Guiliano
    Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

    Project Status - April 1st