• Hicksville Public Schools is Represented at the AFT TEACH Conference in Washington, DC
    The AFT TEACH (Together Educating America’s Children) conference, held July 13-15 in Washington, D.C., celebrated the work of educators and provided an opportunity for union leaders, administrators, and civic and community leaders to come together for workshops, overviews of innovative work, and thought-provoking keynote speakers.  The collaborative efforts of the Hicksville school community was highlighted and presented by Joan Deem, President of Hicksville Congress of Teachers, and Susan Guiliano, Director of Curriculum Instruction and Assessments. 
    The presentation was titled, “I Have an Idea…,” and focused on the topic of collaboration between members of the teachers’ union and district administrators resulting in a partnership that has benefited our students, staff and the school community. The presentation highlighted three of our district's successful collaborative efforts including the "Everyone Has Rights Public Service Announcement Contest,"sponsored by the RFK Center for Human Rights, AFT's First Book initiative, and the Wonder project.  Each of these projects began with a simple idea that grew into meaningful learning experiences for students.  Both Ms. Deem and Ms. Guiliano assert the success of the three projects are a direct result of the collegial work among district staff including motivated and dedicated teachers and supportive building and central office administrators working collaboratively to create learning environments, programs, and opportunities for students.
    Workshop participants were provided an overview of the key components that have helped our district's collaborative projects to be successful.  The work was framed around “5 C’s” standing for Communication, Culture, Climate, Collaboration, and Culmination.  Ms. Deem and Ms. Guiliano spoke of the importance of building trusting relationships through open and honest communication, choosing activities that align with the culture of your district, and “taking the temperature” to make sure the climate is right and people will be open to ideas.  They took their participants on their journey through the steps of collaboration such as identifying resources in the district, as well as outside your district, to make a project happen.  They shared their experiences in working together to get buy-in from stakeholders, which included providing support, resources, and time, and gave the audience tools to develop an action plan that included starting with an idea and identifying target partners who can best support the implementation of a teacher-driven and student-centered project, program or event, and the importance of bringing projects to closure with a culminating event which serves as an opportunity to celebrate the work of our students and teachers. 

    Based on feedback, the workshop participants appreciated the presentation and resources, strategies to use when faced with challenges, and hearing about how members of our district have worked together so well to provide great opportunities for students. 

    To access their presentation, click on the link below: