Principal Dunn
    I would like to welcome all of our students and parents to the 2017-18 school year.  The staff and I are once again looking forward to a year filled with exciting activities and academic challenges.  This year, we are particularly excited to be housing two half-day Pre-Kindergarten classes for four year old children in the District.  Numerous materials have been purchased to engage the students in activities to enhance their communication and motor skills and prepare them for the challenges of elementary school.
    This year, our teachers will again implement the Common Core Standards in order to meet the educational goals set by New York State.  These standards set high expectations for learners and are designed to prepare students to meet the challenges of college and the work place.  In an attempt to address the Common Core Standards in English Language Arts, the staff will again implement the Reading Street Program. The program is directly aligned with the Common Core Standards and contains anthologies and leveled libraries that are designed to enhance comprehension and fluency.  The program also contains high interest selections that will hopefully increase our students' interest in reading.  Students will again be provided with access to RAZ Kids which is an on-line reading program that allows them to access hundreds of books that match their instructional level.  In addition, our staff will continue to utilize activities that are part of the Teacher's College Writing Project in order to enhance our students' written expression.  Word processing will also be used to help students revise and edit their work.

             In the area of Mathematics, we will continue to utilize the Go Math Program in order to align instruction with the State's Mathematics Standards.  Through the use of manipulatives, hands-on activities, and small group work, teachers hope to develop their students' analytical and problem solving skills.  Classroom teachers and support staff will also continue to utilize websites, Smart Board technology, and iPads to address the needs of our students.  I would suggest that you make use of the on-line component of the Go Math Program to gain a better understanding of the skills that are introduced on each Grade level.   

    To monitor student progress and provide instruction that is aligned with each child’s needs, we will again utilize the MAP Testing Program this year.  The results of the program will be used to set goals and differentiate instruction for students in every classroom.  We will also continue to implement the Response to Intervention Program during the year to address the individual needs of our students.  As part of the RTI Program, students will be grouped on each Grade level and will be provided with an additional period of reading instruction each day.  Leveled reading materials will be used during the RTI periods to develop comprehension of narrative and informational texts. 
    To help our staff meet the challenges posed by New York State, we will need your continued support of our educational program.  Please encourage your child to complete all homework assignments each night.  Please also make certain that your child goes to bed at a reasonable hour each night so that he/she is mentally prepared for school each day.  In addition, stay in close contact with your child’s teacher and take advantage of the before-school tutoring sessions if your child is having difficulty in Language Arts or Mathematics.  This year, you will again have the ability to contact your child's teacher by e-mail.  Teachers will promptly respond to your e-mails in order to address your concerns.  

              In addition, I would also strongly encourage you to regularly visit our school website.  The site is designed to keep you informed about upcoming events in the school and allow you to find out what topics are being covered in your child's classroom.  Teachers also post homework assignments and upcoming tests each week on their webpages.  Areas that are going to be assessed on tests are also listed so that your child can review key concepts before scheduled tests.  You can also access the program Power School through our website so that you can see how your child has performed on tests and quizzes.


             Again, welcome back to school.  I am confident that with your help, each of our students will make a great deal of progress this year and will acquire the skills necessary for future academic success. 
                                                                                                                                                 Michael Dunn