• Health Services

    Each school has a full-time registered nurse on duty to provide a variety of health-screening services, and to administer first aid. School nurses maintain health histories of all children and conduct vision, hearing, and scoliosis screenings during the year. It is important that parents keep the health office informed of any changes in their child's health. 
    The primary responsibilities of the school nurse is to establish care and a nursing regimen to keep children in the classroom promoting student achievement and success.  The following are some of the duties performed by the school nurse:
    • Coordinate with staff to initiate medical accommodations requests following district policy and procedure
    • Interpret medical data and make nursing assessments of potential health emergencies
    • Assist to maintain safe environment by identifying and reporting any potential safety issues
    • Adminster and record medication, notify parent when need to resupply medication
    • Surveillance of contagious disease and report findings monthly to Nassau County Department of Health
    • Provide mandated screenings for vision, hearing, height, weight and scoliosis
    • Review health appraisals and sports clearance forms for student athletes prior to the start of each sports season
    • Process free and reduced lunch requests