• ParentLink

    The district utilizes ParentLink, a communication tool to help strengthen the home-school connection. Through ParentLink, the district is able to quickly communicate with large numbers of homes via telephone. This system can prove to be very useful when inclement weather impacts school, or other situations related to the health and safety of students need to be communicated. In addition to these uses, the ParentLink system is used to convey attendance information to the parents of students at the high and middle schools once each morning and again each afternoon. All families may receive reminder calls about Open Houses, standardized testing, and other events.

    In addition to being able to retrieve ParentLink messages from a home answering machine, you are also able to review recently delivered messages from any touch-tone telephone by dialing (866) 208-9465 or (866) 208-5273. Follow the prompts, including entering the ten-digit primary home telephone number at which you receive ParentLink messages. Attendance and reminder calls will be placed to the primary home number you have provided to the school. Other calls of a more urgent nature may also be placed to alternate numbers on file, such as mobile and work phone numbers.

    We are glad to be able to provide this convenience and safety measure to the community. Should you have a question regarding a secondary school attendance call you receive, please direct it to the appropriate attendance office: Middle School 733-2263 or High School 733-2215. Should you need to update the contact information maintained by the school, please contact the main office(s) of the school(s) your child(ren) attend(s).