• Speech and Language Services 

    Speech-language pathologists employed by the district work with the speech, language and hearing impaired, and the voice and fluency problems of students ages 3-21 years.  Services are recommended by the Committee on Special Education/Committee on Preschool Special Education to classified non-public and public school students to help remediate these areas.  Preschool services are provided by approved Nassau County agenices in compliance with the Nassau County Department of Health.  Therapeutic services are provided in individual and small group settings.
    For students of school age, speech and language services may be provided as a general education service or as part of the Committee on Special Education recommendation on the student's individualized education plan.  


    Students do not qualify for speech-language services or have been declassified. The speech

    language pathologist provides the teacher with compensatory and pre-referral strategies. The need for the

    continuation of services will be reviewed at the end of each marking period or as necessary.

    Services are not IEP driven.


    Non-classified students who present with speech and/or language delays/deficits that impede

    academic success. Children will receive direct speech/language therapy services via a push in

    and/or pull out model. Services are not IEP driven.


    Students meet Part 200 criteria of Speech Language Impairment either as their sole impairment or

    as the result of another condition including but not limited to mental retardation, autism, multiple

    disabilities, such that an Individualized Education Plan is mandated.


    Students have been declassified from speech and language services. The speech language

    pathologist will monitor or provide services as needed to ensure that students generalize skills or

    utilize compensatory strategies in the classroom for a maximum of one year.