Hicksville High School students can participate in Model United Nations Conference. Model United Nations is an organization that promotes education and awareness of international relations. Through participation in conferences, our students assume the role of the representative of an assigned country and must represent the policies of their respective country. After preparing to discuss particular topics in one of the many available committees, they will immerse themselves as an ambassador into debate about the issues at hand utilizing the viewpoints of the country they are representing.

    By the time a student graduates high school having participated in Model UN, even the shyest of students will gain the strength, courage, and self confidence to stand in front of a large audience and clearly state their country’s policy and persuade fellow representatives to ally themselves with their position. Some representatives will excel in speaking, while others may excel in negotiation, rules tactics or research skills. Either way, our students will develop the skills to promote global awareness and global leadership. Involved representatives of Model UN will acquire skills they can use for the rest of their life. This year, our students competed at St. Francis Prep Model United Nations competition on January 14, 2012. To prepare for competition, students meet at 2:30pm every Wednesday in room 310.
    Advisors: Dr. Andrea Maxeiner & Ms. Jen Ikeguchi