• Poetry Out Loud

    Poetry Out Loud is an annual national poetry recitation contest sponsored by the Poetry Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts.  Participation is open to all high school students in the nation.  This is the fifth time in the past six years in which Hicksville High School students are taking part.
    Each student who takes part in the competition must memorize and recite two poems, one that was written prior to the 20th Century and another that is twenty-five lines or fewer in length.  Students also have the option of meeting both of these requirements using the same poem; they then may pick a second poem of any length and from any time period to recite.  All poems, however, must come from the list specified by the National Poetry Foundation, which may be accessed from the Poetry Out Loud website.  
    Classroom competitions begin in the fall and are completed just before Thanksgiving.  Each classroom winner is then eligible to enter the school-wide competition which must be completed in January of the school year.  This year's school-wide competition too place on Thursday, january 23rd, in the Kristoff Theatre in Hicksville High School.  The two top finishers in the school-wide final are going on to represent Hicksville high School in regional competition on February 3 at Stony Brook University.