• Please download the necessary forms you require located below
    and return to the Coach and Nurse (as specified).
    The Physical Examination, Parental Permission & Concussion Forms 
    are required for participation on any Athletic Team.

    Please make every effort to have the permission/medical forms IN TO THE NURSE OR COACH
    PRIOR TO the starting date for each sport
    so you may start practice immediately.

    It takes 24-48 Hrs to review the paperwork for participation.
    1. Physical Examination:  Must be completed on this form.  Valid for one full year. 
    Please bring to Nurses Office
    (Click Here)
    2. Parental Permission for Participation:  Required prior to each season.
     Please provide to your coach .
     3. Concussion Information & Permission Form: Must be completed. Valid for one full year.
     Please provide to your coach.
    Parental Info. - Concussion
     (Click Here)
    4. Parental Release Form:  MSG/Verizon Fios-Permitting Media Access- Recording of Student
    Required prior to each season.  Please return to your coaches.
    (click here)