• Community Use of School Facilities                                                                                      1200


               The Board of Education desires community use of school facilities insofar as is feasible without interfering with the regular school program or school-related activities.  Such use must be limited to the activities approved under state law.


                Activities will be permitted which are educational, cultural, social, recreational, or civic in nature and which are nonsectarian, nonpolitical, and nonexclusive, and which are primarily for the benefit of community residents.


                School facilities are not available for commercial use.


                Permission to use the schools, with or without charge, during assigned hours may be granted by the superintendent or his/her designee upon written request.


    Board Approval Date:  July 18, 1984

    Reviewed:    May 21, 1996

    Reviewed:    November 19, 2003



    1.                  Eligible Organizations:  An organization whose membership is comprised of 50% of Hicksville residents with the exception of Board of Education approved Town of Oyster Bay Summer Programs may apply annually to use the facilities for each activity that is permitted under state law.  For each facilities use (i.e. High School main gymnasium for a particular activity on a specific date), participants in the permit holder’s local organization must be comprised of 50% of Hicksville residents.


    2.                  Application and Reservations:  Application for reservations must be made in writing at least thirty (30) days in advance on forms available in the Office of School Facilities and Operations and at the reception desk of the administration building.  The Director of School Facilities and Operations will approve or deny the application, except in the instance when goods, services, or fees will be charged.  In those instances, the application will be reviewed by the Superintendent or his/her designee and at his/her discretion, forwarded to the Board of Education. Backup will be available to the Board of Education upon request. 


    3.                  Scheduling of Facilities:  The Director of School Facilities and Operations will schedule the use of facilities to ensure that economical and efficient use is made of the time and space available.  The right to revoke a permit at any time is reserved by the Superintendent of Schools or the Superintendent’s designee.  Generally, buildings will not be available for public use on Sundays or during school vacations.


    All permits for community use of the facilities will be issued for specified hours, are nontransferable, and are restricted to the specific purposes for which they were issued.


    4.                  Conditions for the Use of School Buildings and Grounds:  Regulations include a schedule of fees to cover the cost, if any, to the system for nonschool activities in school buildings and on school grounds.


    5.                  Special Conditions for Particular Facilities:


    Whenever a meeting is held which requires the use of school cafeteria kitchens, the following regulations will apply:


    a.                   The school will not take responsibility for the preparation or serving of food.  The sponsoring unit must arrange for this independently and secure approval for its arrangement from the Business Office after submitting an application for use of the facilities through the Office of School Facilities and Operations.


    b.                  If kitchen equipment is to be used, the Business Office will decide if a staff member should be present and for what period of time.  A charge will be made for this service.


    c.                   If the use of kitchen facilities appears to be in conflict with district contractual arrangements previously made for food services, the Business Office will so notify the applicant.


    6.                  Organizations must file a copy of their constitutions, signed by their principal officers, with current membership lists and residences.  These will be available for review by the Board of Education upon request.


    7.                  The Director of School Facilities and Operations will indicate the priority of each application.


    Priority A-        Organized youth-serving groups or any organizations with a direct Hicksville Public School connection.


    Priority B-        Any community organizations conducting nonschool-connected, social, civic, recreational, educational and promotional activities.


    Priority C-        Includes any other group or organization not described in the above two categories.


    8.                  When the proper forms are completed and received, and required fees are paid, a permit will be issued.  Copies of the permit will be sent to the School Principal and to the Head Custodian of the involved school.


    9.                  All use of buildings must end by 10:30 p.m.


    10.              Fees and Charges:

    Charges and fees noted herein and the number of participants may be waived by the Board of Education.



                                        Mon-Fri           Sat.Sun.&                    Participants

                                                                Holidays             Maximum     Minimum

    General classrooms     $40.00               $55.00                25                      --


    Elementary gyms and  $65.00               $110.00               400                   20

    All-purpose rooms


    High school little            $65.00            $110.00              105                    20



    Secondary school         $160.00           $215.00              800                    40

    auditoriums, gyms,



    There will be a charge equal to the current average custodial cost per hour for the school year in which the request is made, or fraction thereof, for a minimum of four hours for each custodial employee assigned during non-working hours.


    11.              A school custodian will be on duty whenever a facility is being used except when this provision is waived by the Director of School Facilities and Operations.  The custodian will render custodial assistance in handling furniture and equipment and will be responsible for seeing that the facility or facilities are left in good order after the activity.


    12.              A group must give notification by telephone to the Office of Facilities and Operations of any cancellation of a scheduled activity at least forty-eight (48) hours before the event.  This must be followed by written confirmations.  Failure to follow this procedure will result in having charges billed to the organization of record.


    13.              Charges and fees noted herein may be reduced or waived by the board when, in its discretion, such reduction or waiver is warranted.  Requests for such reduction or waiver must be filed with the application along with a suitable explanation for the request or waiver of fees 30 days prior to the activity date.


    14.              All charges and fees are payable to the Hicksville School District.


    15.              School-sponsored programs and activities will have precedence in using building facilities.  School-sponsored groups are encouraged to file the necessary permit as soon as an event is scheduled; however, a minimum forty-eight hour notices is required from all school-sponsored groups.


    16.              The Board of Education or their designee must approve the raising of any money or making any profit from sales on school district property.  All funds raised on school district property must be expended for educational or charitable purposes.


    17.              Special liability insurance will be required for all functions which will be covered in the agreement made at the time permission is given to use School District Facilities.  An original certificate of liability must be filed with the Director of School Facilities and Operations (copy to the Business Office) before permission is given to use any facilities.



    Required insurance levels:


    1.                  $1,000,000 per person, per occurrence-injury liability

    2.                  $2,000,000 aggregate

    3.                  The Hicksville School District must be named as an additional insured party.



    Additional insurance information is presented in 1200E-Application for Use of School Facilities.


    18.              Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on school property at any time.


    19.              The Hicksville Union Free School District is a smoke-free school district.   Smoking is prohibited in all buildings and on all grounds by order of the Nassau County Fire Marshal and by the policy of the Hicksville Board of Education.


    20.              Decorations used in schools must be fireproof and will be set up and taken down in a way that insures no damage to school property.  Decorations are subject to the approval of the Director of School Facilities and Operations.  The use of open flame such as candles and/or smoke machines is forbidden.


    21.              The permit holder will be fully responsible for all loss or damage to school property.


    22.              The use of any materials on floors or other parts of the building is strictly prohibited without specific approval in writing from the Director of School Facilities and Operations.


    23.              Use of stages, furniture and equipment must be arranged for in advance.  Set-up and clean-up may be done by members of the group using the facility, provided that the responsible persons who will supervise such activity are listed on the original application.  Additional custodial services required for work not done satisfactorily by a group will be paid for by the group.  Arrangements must be made for use of any special or extra equipment.  Extra compensation paid employees for moving, operating or supervising special or extra equipment will be charged to the group using the facilities.


    24.              School facilities may be available to outside groups during summer vacation or on holidays or during other vacation periods, providing the events do not conflict with building cleaning and renovating programs and providing there are building service personnel available for supervision.


    25.              The control of behavior of the group or damage to the building is the responsibility of the leaders in charge and not of the custodians or of school personnel.  Any infractions of the above regulations may be grounds for refusing to grant subsequent requests for the use of school facilities.


    26.               There will be no gratuities for any school staff member.


    27.              A responsible adult representative with a district issued identification card must be present at all times; the size of the activity will determine the amount of required supervision (ratio 1:25).


    28.              The activity of the group must be restricted to the areas assigned to them.  The area must be left in the same condition as it was found.


    29.              Corridors, exits and stairways must be free of obstructions at all times.  Exit signs must be lighted when facilities are in use.  Members of the audience or other spectators cannot stand or sit in any way that blocks an exit, a stairway or an aisle.


    Any violation of these regulations or of Board policy may be cause for withdrawal of a permit.  Authority to revoke a permit for cause will rest with the School Principal and with the Director of School Facilities and Operations.


                This policy and accompanying regulations will be in compliance with Section 414, Subdivision 2, of the State Education Law and the Constitution of the State of New York, Article XI, Section 2.  If policy 1200 or any part of these regulations is contrary to law, then it will not be valid, except to the extent permitted by law.  All other sections of the policy and regulations, however, will continue in full force and effect.





    Board Approval Date: January 24, 1990

    Revised:                       February 15, 2012





    1.                  Student activities will take precedence over nonschool activities.


    2.                  Organizations serving youths to eighteen (18) years of age will receive first preference.


    3.                  Accredited organizations which are granted permits for the use of fields must provide supervision at all times.  Failure to provide such supervision could result in the revocation of a permit.


    4.                  Written requests for fields must be received by the Director of Facilities and Operations at a scheduled meeting on or before March 15th.  Permits will be issued to approved applicants on or about the first week of April or prior to April 1st at the discretion of the Director of Facilities and Operations following an inspection of fields on or around March 1st.  


    5.                  Requests received by the Director of Facilities and Operations after the March 15th deadline will be honored based on the filing dates of those applications.


    6.                  In the event fields are available, teams may be granted permission for their use for practice purposes.  League play, however, will have preference in the selection of available fields.


    7.                  All field users must follow permit regulation on proper use of the fields.


    8.                  Fields at the High School, Middle School, and Old Country Road School may not be used prior to 11:00am on Sunday.  All other fields may not be used before noon on Sunday.


    9.                  Field permits are valid only for daytime use of the fields.


    10.              Smoking, gambling and the use of alcoholic beverages or illegal substances on school grounds are prohibited.


    11.              The use of motorized equipment on school grounds is prohibited.


    12.              Organizations that hold permits may place temporary identification signs on school grounds only during the hours they are actually using a field.  At the conclusion of their activity, the group must remove all signs.


    13.              Restitution for any damage to school property by permit holders is expected.  Failure to do so will result in legal prosecution and revocation of the permit.


    14.              Permit holders are responsible for the condition of their fields.  They are expected to police each field after use.



    15.              50% of members of a group requesting a permit must reside within the boundaries of the Hicksville School District except Board of Education approved Town of Oyster Bay Summer Programs. For each field use (i.e. High School softball field #3 for a particular activity on a specific date), participants in the permit holder’s local organization must be comprised of 50% of Hicksville residents.


    16.              Appropriate fields will be assigned in each category at the direction of the Director of Facilities and Operations.


    17.              Cancellation of a permit may be made by the Office of Facilities and Operations for reasons of inclement weather or construction safety.






    Regulations Amended:  July 9, 1987

    Board Approval:           October 28, 1992 (Replaces 8211R)

    Revised:                         February 15, 2012