• Visitors To The Schools

    The Board of Education adopted a policy and set procedures regarding visits during the school day other than those made by family members attending scheduled school functions or transporting their children to and from school.

    Visits are authorized for parents conferring with staff members about a child's program, and former students obtaining necessary records or addressing classes at programs arranged by supervisors or administrators. In addition, persons transacting business or performing instructional duties, parent helpers assigned to assist teachers, chaperones for school activities, or Board of Elections workers on official business are also authorized.

    All visitors must sign in at the main office upon arrival. If a prior appointment has not been arranged, approval of the principal is required and the visit must be limited to a specific location. Visitors are asked to leave the building promptly when their business is concluded.

    In accordance with Board policy, signs are posted in all school buildings warning that unauthorized presence in schools or on school grounds will be subject to prosecution for loitering under section 240.35 of the Penal Law.