With the funds raised from the various fundraising activities of the HABC such as: Membership Drive, Apparel Sales, Refreshments and Homecoming Activities the following donations have been made to the District Athletic Programs.  

    Along with your membership we welcome your input at our monthly meetings with regards to suggestions for future donations to the district
    Thank you for your time and consideration.
    The HABC's primary goal is to raise funds for scholarships which they provide at the end of every school year at the Annual Athletic Senior Athletes Award Banquet. 
    14 Foot Scorers Table for the Gymnasium
    Podium (Matches Scrorers Table) With Mic hookup 
    Outdoor Batting Cages for Baseball and Softball Fields: Batting Cages for the High School Baseball and Softball Fields.  Both will be provided with electricity to utilize the pitching machines.

    The "Chris Herren Story":  The HABC donated the full fee to bring in a wonderful Guest Speaker-Mr. Chris Herren to the district for everyone to be a part of.   The presentation was provided to the entire HS Student body during the school day in a two hour presentation as well as a two hour presentation to the general public at night.  The 'night' presentation drew a crowd of over 1200+ people.  A wonderful presentation and effort on behalf of the HABC. 
    Updating Trophy Case at HS:  The HABC provided monetary support to produce several (8) trophies that needed to be replaced.  These trophies such as the Rutgers Cup and the Thorpe Award Trophy are important to the history of Athletics within the school district. 
    Two 50" Flat Screen Smart Televisions: These Televisions have been placed in the Athletic Lobby of the HS.  These televisions will be used to honor the efforts of student athletes through a photo and video collage.  These will also be used to provide information to the students regarding upcoming events.
    HICKSVILLE COMETS  Flag:  A flag for the '3rd' flagpole on the football Field at the HS.  The flag is in the school colors and bears the HICKSVILLE COMETS logo.
    Solar Powered Light :  This will be placed on the American Flag won the HS Football Turf Field which will allow use to fly the f lags throughout the Fall and Spring Seasons night and day.
    "SHOOT AWAY" Basketball Training Machine:  This is used by the HS basketball programs for girls and boys.  This device allows students to have a period of continuous repetitions when practicing shooting.  
    These will be used for student photographs and team pictures as well as College Signing Dates and others chool functions.

    Bleacher Windscreens
    These beautiful WindScreens will be placed on the Back of the Bleachers on the football field.  They will say: "HICKSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL HOME OF THE COMETS" with colorful artrwork
    Portable TableTop LED Scoreboards
    These will be used for Wrestling Matches that require two mats as well as MS Volleyball games and other athletic events that require scorers. 
    2nd Speaker System for the HS Football Field
    These heavy duty -high quality speakers to enhance the Turf Field Sound system.  This provides greater sound quality.

    Donkey Cart 4/Scorers Platform - Multi-purpose center with built in seating, elevated platform, portable press box, video stand, Used so the scorers and video will be above the teams instead of table and chairs.

    Monster Mop: 
    6 Foot Mop with Aluminum bracing for even nonskid cleaning- Comes with three micro-fiber washable pads.  This mop allows the coaches to clean the wrestling mats quicker, more efficiently and effectively sanitizing the mats. 
    Sole Mat: 
    a 36” X 27” mat which sits in a steel tray and comes with a drying mat.  This tray and mat holds disinfectant solutions which wrestlers, prior to walking on the mats, are able to walk on and clean and disinfect their shoe soles.  This not only allows for a cleaner surface but also extends the life of the mats.

    Tennis Court Scorers
    Visible Score keepers for Tennis Courts at the High School.

    Baseball Scoreboard
    The Scoreboard  would be suitable for Soccer and Baseball.  It would have a running Time (for soccer) and score as well as balls and strikes and innings on it.  The board is approximately 4’ wide and 10 ‘long.  
    Donated Bags (500) for the Annual Wellness Fair
    Wind screen
    cover the curves of the track 4’-50’ with the word
    COMETS across it in orange and white.  Provide runners (Track Team) protection as the run the curves from the wind thus increasing their times.  This will also provide an even greater aesthetically appealing environment.  Will be hung in the Fall and the Spring.
    Training Devices
    for the Cross Country and Track programs such as training parachutes, foam rollers, weighted vests and speed bags.  These items would be used by students to improve their training techniques and allow coaches to include new training principals into their practice.  They can also be used for PE classes in Fitness Training.

    10 Spinner Bikes
    would allow a full class or full team to utilize them for their practices.
      Currently the Girls Volleyball, Cross Court (B/G) Winter Track, Wrestling, Spring Boys and Girls Track Teams use these bikes throughout their seasons. 
    The Scoreboard is suitable for Soccer and Softball.
      It would have a running Time (for soccer) and score as well as balls and strikes and innings on it.  The board is approximately 4’ wide and 8 ‘long.  There is no need for wires as this is also a wireless system and can be operated by the coaches or a student manager.
    Court Clean
    is an 8’ by 6” cleaning mat that is lightweight and can clean a mat or gym floor in minutes.
      This system allows a person to walk and drag the cleaner across the floor.  As with other mops it is then laundered and used again. 
    Donated T-Shirts to 100 Students at the Annual Wellness Fair
    Sports Cool Water Tanker  
    Includes 8 drinking stations with shut offs powered by a 12 Volt rechargeable battery power pack.  Drinking Stations are mounted on swivel attachments to avoid hose kinks.  Cart is heavy gauge steel on 4 pneumatic 10" tires - 40 Gallon Water Capacity- Hygienic -easy to maintain and clean.  No need for Water buckets to be carried out for every game - running out of water. 
    Diamond Turf 'On Deck' Circles
    Softball Field and Baseball Field - 6' Diameter turf circles with 5mm foam backing.  Used for the 'On 'Deck' Areas on the fields.  Keeps batters out of the mud and safely designates an on deck area for the batters.
    Two Digital Video Recorders - (Cameras)
    For use for all Athletic Teams and events to film games.
    Digital Camera (1)
    Safety Landing Mat
    Used in gymnastics and cheerleading.
    Lax Walls
    Training Aides for Lacrosse Teams at the Middle School and High School
    Cushioned Chairs (46)
    Chairs to be used at all Athletic Events at the Middle School
    Donated T-Shirts to 100 Students at the Annual Wellness Fair

    Portable Aluminum Benches  15’ (4)
    Breakaway Banner
    Students to run through a customized banner to start games.  Can be used over and over again for any sports team Fall/Winter /Spring.
    Fogger Portable Cooling System
    When teams are playing in hot/humid weather this device, which is used at the college and professional levels, provides a mist of cool air and spray that cools up to 15-20 degrees above temperature.  This can be used by any Fall and Spring Sports Team when needed.  (Use on grass or turf).  Also used during the Summer Recreation Program.

    Implement Shots/Discus Cart and Starting Block Cart with '8' New Staring Blocks
    Proper Storage and Care of Shot Puts, Starting Blocks and Discus.  These carts will provide teams with the ability to neatly and safely roll out the needed supplies and equipment for track and field practices and meets right out onto the track.  Traditionally the equipment is carried out by hand.

    Customized Floor Mats (2)– Entry into the Main Gymnasium Lobby

    6x10’ Customized all weather Mat w/logo – Three Color for use outside the Main Gymnasium Lobby-HS and MS.

    Bogen Amplifier with 7 Inputs – Built in Graphic Equalizer

    Use with current system.  This amp would allow use for the input of outside sources such as MP3, IPod, CD player, radio, etc… 

    Tennis Tutor- Automated Tennis Ball Machine (2)

    Tennis – Boys and Girls MS/HS.  These devices are used for practices.  They hold 100 tennis balls and project the balls over the net to player – speed can be adjusted by the coach.  Typically the coach would continually hit a ball over net to a single player.  These can project in two directions and the coach can assist elsewhere providing greater instruction.
    Donated T-Shirts to 100 Students at the Annual Wellness Fair
    DVD Duplicating Tower- 5 DVD
    Use in copy DVD's for students and staff.  This is useful for students who wish to send multiple game tapes to Colleges for recruiting purposes.
    Video to DVD Recorder
    Allows us the capability to transfer and copy videos to DVD.
    Portable Aluminum Benches (4) 15'
    Benches on the field for the student/athletes.  The present benches will be utilized on all other fields at Middle School and High School baseball and softball fields.
    Aluminum Scorers Tables (3)
    Tables for the scorer and timekeeper to be used on the fields at the High School during the Fall and Spring Season.  These tables are designed for this use and match the Aluminum Benches that were purchased.
    Speaker System for the HS Football Field
    These heavy duty -high quality speakers replaced the old outdated 'horn' speaker.  This provides greater sound quality.
    Passport Fender Sound Systems (2)
    These portable 200 Watt sound systems are used for Field Days, Sporting Events, Homecoming and all events that require sound enhancement.  These are portable and can accommodate iPods and other electronics. 
    Training Equipment

    Gilman Crab Sleds -Indoor/Outdoor (4
    These are for sports training.  They allow students to develop muscles in their lower back and legs.
    Power Bags (Set of 6)
    Sports Performance Training bags.

    Indoor Lev Sled
    Indoor Football Sled.  Mounted to ground allows person to training with proper technique and use of muscles in back and shoulder.
    The 'Gorilla'
    A 95 lb dummy used in wrestling for training. 
    Portable Scoreboards
    Baseball/Softball - and Soccer.  These boards can be walked out to the fields and used remotely.
    Golf Cart
    Used by the Athletic Training for use during events at the High school.  This allows the ATC to respond to students quickly and efficiently.
    Benches on the field for the student/athletes to use instead of sitting on the floor.  Two benches for each side of the Turf field throughout the Fall and Spring.  The present benches will be utilized on all other fields at Middle School and High School.