Fork Lane Supply Lists
    2017-18 School Year 
    (4 packs) (Crayola Preferred) Crayons 24 count
    (1 pack) Dry Erase Markers
    (2) Folders with pockets
    (2) Bottles of Glue (white) (Elmer's preferred)
    (8) Glue Sticks (Elmer's preferred brand)
    (1 package) Index Cards
    (1) Large Pencil Eraser
    (2) Marble Composition Notebooks
                                                                                                 (1 Pack ) Post-its
                            (2 boxes) Sharpened yellow pencils (Ticonderoga preferred)
                                                                                         Scissors (Fiskars preferred)                  
                                                    Items below should be sent in on the first day of school:
                                                                             One backpack (without wheels) labeled with child's name
    Healthy snack - no drink
    Change of clothes (backup for recess/bathroom accidents)
    Updated Emergency Forms
    First Grade
    (3) Hard covered marble notebooks
    (2) Packages of sharpened pencils
    (1) School box to hold supplies (small to fit inside desk)
    (8) Jumbo size Glue Sticks (Elmer's preferred brand)
    (1) Pack of Wipes  
                                       (4) Pocket folders (pockets on bottom)
     (2) Boxes of crayons
     (1) Highlighter
    (1 box) Thick Colored markers
    (1 box) Thin Colored markers
     (1 pack) Expo Thin Dry Erase Markers
    Scissors (Fiskars preferred brand)
    School Glue 

    Second Grade
    (5) Marble Composition Books 9.75 x 7.5 - All different colors  
    Pencil sharpener with cover
    (2) Medium size pink erasers 
    8 ct Markers - fine tip
    24 ct Crayons (small box)
    (4) Glue Sticks 4 oz. (Not Washable)
    (2) Yellow highlighters 
    (2) Red Pens 
    Pair of Scissors 
    (5) Plastic folders with 3-rings 
    (pockets on bottom) 
    Soft Binder 1" with 3-rings 
    Pencil Case with 3-rings (to be placed in the binder)
    Supply Box
    Colored Pencils

    Third Grade
    (2) Small boxes of crayons (Crayola)
    Thin Magic Markers 
    (6) Glue sticks 
    (3 boxes) #2 pencils sharpened
    (2) Highlighter pens 
    Pocket dictionary (small)
    Pocket thesaurus(small)
    (5) Marble composition notebooks. All different colors
    (4) Folders - must have 3 ring holes. All different colors
    Binder 3-rings - 1-1 1/2 inch 
    Pencil Sharpener (small)
    (2) Blue pens
    (2) Red pens 
    Soft pencil case
    *Please label name on all supplies 
    Fourth Grade
    (6) Marble notebooks 
    (1 pack) Red pens 
    (2 boxes) Pencils (no mechanical pencils)
    (3) Highlighters
    (4) Glue sticks
    (6) Folders (three hole punched), bottom pocket 
    (1) Box of crayons
    (1 pack) Markers - colored 
    (1) Individual pencil sharpener 
    (1) Pair of scissors 
    (1 Box) of colored pencils
    (1 pack) Dry erase markers 
    (1 pack) Post-Its 
    (1)  1-1/2" Soft Covered Zippered Binder 
     Fifth Grade
    (5) Hard cover notebooks 
     (1) Two-Subject spiral notebook
    (2)  Bottom pocket folders 
     (1) Ruler with inches and centimeters 
    (1) Box of crayons 
     (1) Pack of markers
    (6) Dry Erase markers 
    (2) Highlighters in different colors 
     (1) Pair of scissors 
    (1)Box of sharpened pencils at all times 
    (1) Pack of 3x3 post-its 
    (1) Soft pencil case. No boxes, please
    (1) Vinyl Accordion file - At least 5 pockets
    Must be labeled in order:
    English Language Arts
    Social Studies

    Please clearly mark names on everything. 
    Ms. Phillips Class 
     (1) Standard size backpack (no wheels please)
    (1) 9 x 5 in. plastic supply box
    (2) Packs of pencils Ticonderoga brand preferred. Please sharpen!
    (2) Child size scissors
    (1) Pack of magic markers - thin classic colors
    (2) Boxes of Crayola crayons (24 count)
    (1) pack of Colored pencils
    (8) Glue sticks
    (1) Bottle of Elmer's white glue
    (4) Plastic folders with pockets on bottom, not sides
    (4) Marble notebook - wide ruled
    (1) Pack of index cards - lined (3 x 5)
    (4) Dry Erase markers (Expo)
    Mrs. Werner's Class
     (1) Pack of glue sticks
    (4) Marble notebooks
    (4) Folders
    (1) Box of pencils
    (1) Package of ruled paper
    (1) Box of markers
    (1) Box of crayons
    (1) Ruler
    (1) Box of dry-erase markers
    (1) Pack of index cards
    *Please clearly mark names on everything.*
    *Please come back often to visit our website at hicksvillepublicschools.org