• The Public’sRight to Know                                                                                     1240



                The amended Freedom of Information Law, which took effect on January 1, 1978, gives an individual the right of access to many public records.


                The people have a right to view official district documents such as the minutes of the board, its written policies, its financial records, and its curriculum guides.


                It will be the policy of theHicksville School District to make available for public inspection all official records and reports subject to such inspection in accordance with the provisions of Article 6 of the Public Officers Law.  However, no records pertaining to individual students or staff members will be released for inspection to any unauthorized person.


                The school district has adopted regulations governing when, where, and how an individual can view public records.  The procedural regulations canbe seen at all places where records are kept.


    BoardApproval Date:  March 9, 1983


    REGULATIONS ON FREEDOM OFINFORMATION                                                           

    I.                  Purposeand Scope

    a.                These regulations provide information concerning the procedures by which records maybe obtained.

    b.                Personnel will furnish to the public the information and records required by the Freedom of Information Law, as well as records otherwise available by law.

    c.                Any conflicts among laws governing public access to records will be decided infavor of the widest possible availability of public records.


    d.                 Accessto individual student records is governed by policy 5500 and the accompanying regulations.

    II.               Designation of Records Access Officer


    All requests for records are to be submitted to and approved by:

                Assistant Superintendent forPersonnel

                Administration Building


    III.            Location

    Recordsare available at the following locations in the district:

                Administration Building, Division Avenue

                Burns Avenue School, Burns Avenue

                Dutch Lane School, Stewart Avenue

                Fork Lane School, Fork Lane

                Lee Avenue School, Seventh Street

                Old Country Road School, Old Country Road

                Woodland School, Ketcham Road

                Hicksville Middle School, Jerusalem Avenue

                Hicksville High School, Division Avenue


    IV.            Hoursfor Public Inspection


    Administration Building:        8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

                   Summer Hours:        8:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.


    All schools:  during regular school hours


    V.               Requests for Public Access to Records


    a.                  Allr equests for records must be in writing using the form shown in Exhibit 1240E.

    b.                 A request will reasonably describe the record(s) sought.  Whenever possible, a person requesting records will supply information regarding dates, file designations or other information that may help describe and locate the requested records.
    c.                  A response will be given to any properly submitted request within five (5 )business days of its receipt.

    d.                 If the records access officer does not act to approve or deny access to records within five (5) business days after receipt of a properly submitted request,s/he must furnish a written acknowledgement of receipt of the request and give an approximate date when s/he will take action on the request.


    e.                 If access to records is neither granted nor denied within ten (10) business days after the date of receipt of a request, the requester has the same right to appeal as if the request of records had been denied by the records accessofficer.

    VI.            Subject Matter List

    Subject matter lists are maintained in various locations throughout the district.  The Records Access Officer will produce a list applicable to a request when asked to do so.  Subject Matter Lists are also subject to these  regulations.


    VII.         Denial of Access of Records

    a.                Denial of access to records will be in writing, stating the reason therefore and advising the requester of the right to appeal to the superintendent as the person designated to hear such appeals.
    b.                If the requested records are not provided promptly, as required by Section 5(d) of these regulations, such failure will also be deemed a denial of access.

    c.                The person designated to hear appeals under the Freedom of Information Law is:


    Superintendentof Schools

    Hicksville School District

    200 Division Avenue

    Hicksville, NY 11801                                                                                        

    d.               The time for deciding an appeal by the appeals officer will start on receipt of a written appeal, containing the following information:

    1.                 the date of the appeal.

    2.                 the date of the request and locations of the records.

    3.                 the records to which access has been denied.

    4.                 a statement of whether the denial of access was formal or the result of lack of action by a records access officer.

    5.                 the name and return address of the requester.


    e.               The superintendent will transmit to the Committee on Public Access to Records copies of all appeals upon their receipt. Such copies must be addressed to:


    Committee on Public Access to Records

    Department of State

    162 Washington Avenue

    Albany, NY  12231

    f.                  The superintendent will inform the appellant and the Committee on Public Access to Records of his/her determination in writing within seven (7) days of receipt ofthe appeal.

    VIII.      Fees


    a.                  No fee will be charged for


    1.                 inspection of records;

    2.                 search for records; or

    3.                 any certification pursuant to the part.

    b.               A fee for photocopies not exceeding 9 x 14 inches is $0.25 per page.


    c.                The fee for copies of records other than photocopies which are 9 x 14 inches or less will be the actual copying cost excluding fixed agency costs.

    d.                 The fee for a digital recording of Board of Education meetings is $1.50 per compact disk.


    IX.            Public Notice


    A notice containing:


    a.                  the title and business address of  the records access officers;


    b.                 the name of the appeals hearing officer; and


    c.                  the location where records can be seen will be posted in conspicuous locations wherever records are kept and will be published in a local newspaper of general circulation.

    X.               Severability

    If any provision of these regulations or the application thereof to any person or circumstances is adjudged invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, such judgement will not affect or impair the validity of the other provisions of these regulations or the application thereof to other persons and circumstances.


    BoardApproval Date:              March 9, 1983

    Revised:                                  January30, 2008