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     As you are aware, teachers in Woodland are implementing the Go Math Program this year.  The program is aligned with the Common Core Standards and offers highly challenging activities for all of our students.  

    program also has an online component entitled Think Central that can be accessed on your home computer.  The online component contains many features and will allow your child to practice many of the skills that are introduced throughout the year.  The program also contains an online version of your child's textbook as well as games that can be played to enhance his/her computational and problem solving skills.  
    To access the program click on the link below:
    Once connected to the website you must complete the information needed as follows:
    Country: United States
    State: New York
    District: Hicksville Union Free Sch Dist, Hicksville 11801
    School:  Woodland Elementary School, Hicksville 11801
    Place a check mark next to Remember my school so that the information will be saved for the next time you log on.
    In the username and password field please enter your child's information that was provided by the School.  If you do not have this information, you may request it from your child's teacher.
    Click on Log In.