Food Services

Food Services

The District is pleased to offer healthy meals of breakfast and lunch in all schools. The food service operation is provided through a contract with Whitsons Food Service Corp. and is a self-sustaining program. Meals may be purchased at full price, or at a discounted price for eligible students. Breakfast is served immediately prior to the start of school each morning, and lunch is served at various times throughout the district. At the secondary schools, a variety of stations are available, including Miss Ruby's Grill for burgers, La Cuccina for pizza and stromboli, Cayote Grill for quesadillas, nachos and tacos, Frait Express for salads and the Great American Sandwich for assorted coldcut sandwiches. In addition the food service program offers monthly concepts which feature a new menu item for each season. We are also pleased to offer an outdoor barbeque lunch at the High School in early Fall and late Spring.

The current meal prices are:

Breakfast $1.15

Elementary Lunch $1.75

Secondary Lunch $2.05

The District contracts with ScholarChip for a point of sales system. Parents may prepay for meals online through this system, as well as view their child's food purchases. Alerts for food allergies are also included in this system. All questions regarding the food service program should be directed to Virginia Polit, the Food Service Director, at 733-2280.