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Altice USA extends free WIFI program for students through the end of the school year.

Accessing the Internet

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Altice (formerly Cablevision) is offering a free internet product for households currently without Internet access. If your household is eligible and interested in enrolling, parents are asked to call 866-200-9522.  Through the prompts, select New Customer / New Service / New Internet.

When households call, please indicate that you are calling about "free Internet service".  Households will be asked to vouch that they have a K-12 or college student residing in the household and do not currently have Internet access.  There is no installation fee or out of pocket costs for 60 days (as of March 18, 2020).  If the address of the household has an outstanding balance from another account, there is a chance that your request may be denied unless the balance can be paid.  

Please note that Hicksville Schools is not endorsing Internet access from Altice or any specific provider and not involved in procurement process.  This is an agreement and offer that is strictly between the Altice and the household.


Altice (previamente Cablevision) está ofreciendo un producto de Internet gratis para los hogares que actualmente no tienen acceso al Internet.  Si su hogar es elegible y está interesado en inscribirse, se pide a los padres que llamen al 866-200-9522. A través de las instrucciones, seleccione #2 para Español y después seleccione Nuevo Cliente, después seleccione Servicio, después seleccione Nuevo Internet.

Cuando los hogares llamen, por favor indique que está llamando por el "Servicio de Internet Gratis".  Se pedirá a los hogares que confirmen que tienen un estudiante en grados K-12 o un estudiante del colegio residiendo en el hogar y que no tienen acceso al Internet.  No hay que pagar ninguna cuota de instalación ni gastos durante 60 días (a partir del 18 de marzo de 2020).  Si la dirección del hogar tiene un balance pendiente de otra cuenta, existe la posibilidad de que su solicitud sea denegada a menos que el balance pueda ser pagado.  

Por favor tenga en cuenta que las Escuelas de Hicksville no están endorsando el acceso a Internet de Altice o de cualquier proveedor específico y no están involucrados en el proceso de adquisición.  Este es un acuerdo y una oferta que es estrictamente entre Altice y el hogar.

If you or any of the students you serve do not have Internet access, there is good news: Most of the nation’s telecom providers are opening up their wifi hotspots to all users and their devices, not just those of subscribers. Altice/Optimum and Verizon, the dominant internet providers in our area, are offering free access for 60 day.


Starting Monday, March 16, 2020, eligible households interested in this solution can call 1-866-200-9522 to enroll in the Optimum region.

You can go here to find nearby spots:

Connecting to a local hotspot will get your device online and allow you to access the Internet.


Please note: The district does not endorse any particular vendor, but is merely making this information available to you. You may also contact your service provider should you have connectivity issues at your home. Please be advised that the district cannot contact service providers on your behalf. 

The Keep Americans Connected Pledge

Given the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on American society, for the next 60 days the FCC and its providers have pledged to:

(1) not terminate service to any residential or small business customers because of their inability to pay their bills due to the disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic;

(2) waive any late fees that any residential or small business customers incur because of their economic circumstances related to the coronavirus pandemic;

(3) open its Wi-Fi hotspots to any American who needs them.

For more information go to: