School Climate Survey Information

2018 School Climate Survey Information

The 2018 School Climate Survey closed to responses on November 20, 2018. Thank you to all students, parents, teachers and staff who responded. The results of the survey will be presented at an upcoming public meeting.

Our highest priority as a school district and school community is to ensure the safety and well-being of our students and staff.  This year the district will take part in a School Climate Survey to be completed by students and parents representing grades 5-12 and district staff which will provide important information regarding this priority.

The Board of Education and the District School Safety Committee has designated the School Climate Survey as an important initiative in taking the pulse of where the district stands from the student, parent and staff perspective concerning emotional and physical safety, emergency readiness and management and physical and mental health.  The survey is research based and tested by Nassau BOCES and can be accessed online.

All students in grades 5-12 may access the survey online in November.  Fifth grade students will take the survey with their classroom teacher, grades 6-8 students with their social studies teacher and grades 9-12 students with their English teachers. The survey will take one class period to complete.  Parents are invited to take the survey as well by accessing the weblink listed below. Please note, all survey participants will need a username provided by the school district. 

Please contact your child's school if you have any additional questions.

Review the Climate Survey Questions Using the Links Below
Parent Questions (English)
Preguntas de Los Padres
Student Questions (English)
Preguntas de Estudiantes
Instructional Staff Questions
Non Instructional Staff Questions