NYS & MAP Assessments

NYS & MAP Assessments 

New York State Testing Program

Students participate in the New York State Testing Program which includes annual assessments in the areas of English Language Arts and Mathematics for students in grades 3-8, English as a Second Language Assessment (NYSESLAT) for English language learners in grades K-12, and Science for grades 5.

For more information, access NYSED Office of Assessment Policy, Development and Administration

For testing dates, visit NYSED Examination Schedule

Measures of Academic Progress (MAP)

Students in grades K through 8 participate in the Measures of Academic Progress Assessment (MAP) by Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA). The MAP is a standardized adaptive assessment which measures student achievement in reading and math.The test is administered in the fall and spring each year. Following the administration, MAP reports are generated to identify students' strengths and areas in need of growth. This data is used to monitor student progress and make decisions when planning the most appropriate learning experiences for students. Targeted instruction is provided to support student growth and achievement. Following the administration, parents receive individual student reports indicating progress in the areas of reading and math in their PowerSchool accounts..

RIT Reference Charts

MAP Primary Grades Reading
MAP Primary Grades Math
MAP Reading
MAP Math
Lexile Framework for Reading

For more information on the MAP assessment, access the NWEA website.