NYS School Report Cards

The New York State District Report Card provides information regarding the school district's status and the status of all schools within the district on student performance and other measures according to the State and federal accountability system. The New York State District School Report Card consists of three parts; Accountability and Overview Report, the Comprehensive Information Report and the Fiscal Accountability supplement. The New York State Report Cards provide information on student performance from the grade 3-8 State assessments in English Language Arts and Mathematics, Grade 4 and 8 Science, High School Regents exams and Graduation Rate. The knowledge gained from student performance is used to improve instruction and services to students.

The District and School Report Cards for the current school year may be accessed according to the link below. Should you have any questions regarding the New York State School Report Card for the district please contact Ms. Marianne Litzman, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction at 516-733-2145 or Ms. Susan Guiliano, Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessments at 516-733-2149. Please call your building principal for questions regarding inpidual School Report Cards.