ENL & Bilingual Programs

English as a New Language (ENL) & Bilingual Programs

Janet Suarez Lovett
World Languages, ENL & Bilingual Programs 

Welcome to the English as a New Language and the administration of the NYSITELL assessment for students who are either new to the country or who have moved here from another State, or by the student's results on the NYSESLAT which is given each spring. According to State and Federal law, all students in the district who are attending Hicksville schools and who are eligible for ENL services must receive ENL instruction within our schools. It is our goal to provide instructional support to our English Language Learners so that they can exit our program and meet graduation requirements on time.

Hicksville Public Schools provides English as a New Language classes to 619 students in 7 elementary schools, our Middle School and our High School. All elementary buildings hold morning or evening parent meetings to provide information and suggestions as to how parents can support their children's learning. District translators attend these meetings to ensure that parents feel comfortable and are able to comprehend the information offered.