ScholarConnect (ScholarChip)  


The Hicksville School District is pleased to announce the implementation of a new automated Point-of-Sale for our food service. This system (ScholarChip) is designed to add flexibility to your payment options, streamline our reporting, and help improve line speed.

Scholarchip is a debiting system with each student having their own account. Students activate this account by entering their district-issued PIN number as they reach the cafeteria register. The student’s name and photo are displayed to ensure that the correct account is being charged. High School students can swipe their Hicksville student ID Cards to access their account.

Parents can deposit money via a secure on-line service directly from their bank account or credit card to the student’s food account. Money deposited may be spent for meals or a la carte items. Positive and Negative balances from the  Myschoolbucks system will be automatically transferred to Scholarchip.

If there is ever a question about what your student is purchasing, the system will produce a history of purchases within a specific time frame. The history also includes payment dates and amounts, the current balance, and issues alerts via e-mail when balances are low. As always, confidentiality will be maintained for students who qualify for meal assistance.

Purchase limitations or dietary restrictions can be placed on individual accounts by contacting your student’s school or the district food service office at 516-733-2280.

To access these services online:

- Go to the page ScholarChip

- Once at the site, click on the New User? Click Here link and follow the steps to register.

Instructions for the use of this web site may be obtained by clicking on the “FAQ” link on the site. Once established, one account will service all of your Hicksville students. This secure account will allow you to check account balances and keep track of your student’s purchase in the cafeteria even if money is not being deposited online.

ScholarChip Parent Letter (English)

ScholarChip Parent Letter (Spanish)