School Closing

In the event that inclement weather causes schools to close for the day, announcements will be called into the following radio and television stations:

News 12 LI (12) Channels 2 (CBS), 4 (NBC), 5 (FOX) & 7 (ABC)
WALK-FM (97.5) KJOY-FM (98.3) WBLI-FM (106)

If these announcements are not broadcasted, or if you missed hearing the listings on the air, call the district's Snow Hotline for recorded messages indicating whether school is open or closed. That number is 733-2177. You can also check for any related missed messages sent by the district via ParentLink by calling (866) 208-9465 or (866) 208-5273 and entering the ten-digit primary home telephone number at which you receive ParentLink messages. Information regarding school closures are sent via ParentLink to all families with current emergency contact information. In addition you can also visit for up-to-date school closing information.

The determination to open school will be made based on information available regarding road conditions, visibility, and other safety factors, but the final responsibility to send children to school on inclement days rests with the parents or guardians. The safety of our children traveling to and from school is a prime concern during winter months.