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Dear Parents and Student Athletes,


The decision to return to school and interscholastic athletics will be determined by NYS Officials.  The NYS Public High School Athletic Association (NYSPHSAA) has created a COVID-19 Task Force to examine information and provide guidance and recommendations to what we hope will be the re-opening of our schools and programs.


If a students athlete has had a Health Examination (Physical/Medical) in 2018-19 or 2019-20 school years they will be permitted to participate in Athletics this Fall (Only) without getting a new one.  Students will need to provide the Seasonal Update/Parental Permission form in prior to the start of the season.  Students who have not previously had a health examination must still obtain q health examination prior to participation in the fall 2020 Athletic Programs.  

At this time students should plan to obtain the required Health Examination prior to participation in the winter and spring 2020-21 seasons.  This may change due to the COVID -19 status and response from NYSPHSAA.

We will continual update you all with any information 

Thank you for your time and cooperation.
Please stay safe.

Hicksville Comets

Welcome to Interscholastic Athletics!

Welcome to our Athletic home page. On the left side of this page are links to various pages that will give you additional information on the programs, schedules, directions, NCAA information and regulations, and additional information for student athletes. Please take the time to browse the website. 
 Please see the New Information below.

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We are pleased to inform you that Hicksville High School is making CoreCourseGPA.com, a web-based software program, available to all Hicksville High School student-athletes and their parents/guardians free of charge. 

If your child has aspirations of competing athletically as a freshman at an NCAA Division I or Division II school, they must meet NCAA Initial-Eligibility minimum standards, including minimum core course GPA and SAT/ACT test score requirements.  CoreCourseGPA.com is an innovative tool that allows you to easily track your son or daughter’s progress towards meeting these requirements, beginning as soon as the first semester of their freshman year. 

You can find all this information on the "INFO FOR THE COLLEGE BOUND STUDENT ATHLETE-CCGPA" page Just scroll down and its on the left.

CoreCourseGPA.com now provides an on-demand 26-minute presentation for your student-athletes. This is a perfect resource for parent and student-athlete.

The presentation below will educate you on NCAA academic initial-eligibility rules and recruiting resources while also providing a CoreCourseGPA.com demo with instructions for student-athletes to activate their school provided CoreCourseGPA.com membership.


The video may be viewed at the link below:


Thank you!
Matthew Calarco

Director of HPEA & Recreation, Driver Ed