What's New at Hicksville!

What's New at Hicksville!

2018 Climate Survey Results are in!

In the fall of 2018, Hicksville Public Schools partnered with Nassau BOCES in disseminating a climate survey based upon new legislation for the Every Student Succeeds Act and the collection of data regarding the climate of our schools. All students in grade 5, 6-8 and 9-12 were administered the climate survey during school hours. Instructional staff, non-instructional staff and parents also participated in the survey.

Click on the picture below to see all the results.

results link

A new Calendar page and look!

The calendar page has been updated with a new calendar and links to your school's calendars all in one place. Also, please take note of the selections like downloading iCal feeds to import your school's calendar to your personal calendar, subscribing to our calendar alerts, and viewing multiple schools at once.



Our website has been reorganized. You will see pages in a different area of the website. But there are also a lot of new additions.

There's a new look to everyday files!



There are new Quick Link Buttons!

Just use the arrows next to the buttons to scroll through. 



There are a lot of new Resources available!


A new Delay & Closing Guide!

Winter weather has begun! Please take note there is a new "Delay & Closing School Guide" posted to the website. Please take a look for important information.


We are on Twitter!

Come follow us and retweet often. Take a look at all our twitter feeds at this link. 

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