HPS & Public Library Partnership

HPS & Public Library Partnership
Posted on 12/04/2020

The Hicksville Public Library and Hicksville Public Schools are partnering to provide enhanced access for district students. “We are striving to provide opportunity and access for all our district students to utilize the extensive resources of our local and county-wide library systems,” stated Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Anthony Lubrano. The constraints of the pandemic have created a disruption to all aspects of students’ lives, including their use of books and e-books. The district and Hicksville Public Library are working to provide new opportunities to reconnect with students.  

Parents will be receiving a notice about this exciting new collaboration soon. “The Hicksville Public Library is prepared to offer our students priority status in obtaining e-books and access to their databases,” explained Jack Lenson, Interim Director of English, Reading and Library. “Teachers can utilize the priority access for instructional purposes by informing the Hicksville Public Library of their needs in support of their instructional goals.” 

Library staff will be available to offer support in person, by phone, or by chat through the library’s website: https://www.hicksvillelibrary.org/. Hicksville Library Director Christine Edwins adds, “We are thrilled to offer a way for students to seamlessly access the library’s vast resources. Library staff members are ready to provide support to students and parents as they navigate through our digital collection.”

The collaboration will be anchored in the use of electronic library cards for students.  Library cards will be loaded into PowerSchool. Parents who wish to convert the electronic card to a physical card will be able to do so by visiting the library and requesting a physical card.

While Hicksville High School students already have access to the Sora (https://soraapp.com/welcome), authentication for use by middle and elementary students will be phased in as part of the new initiative. Mr. Lenson explained further, “Our elementary school students will have access to a collection of over 100 e-books and 50+ e-books in Spanish. Should the district want to increase its investment in e-books through Sora, the platform for access will be in place.”