Lee Avenue Announces Design-a-Mask Winners

Lee Avenue Announces Design-a-Mask Winners
Posted on 12/04/2020
Kindergarten through fifth grade students at Lee Avenue were invited to design paper face masks illustrating one of the school’s rules, known as Lee-O’s-Laws. Pictured here are the students selected as first place winners in front of the bulletin board that features their mask designs. The contest also helped to promote awareness of Kindness Week, held from November 16th through 20th.  “All the entries were wonderful,” explained Principal Stephanie Stam. “It was very, very difficult to pick the winners since everyone did such a great job. Congratulations to all the students who participated in our competition!”

1st Place: Vasilios Kakakios
2nd: Liliana Faczan
3rd: Emilia Alessi

First Grade:
1st Place: Talyan Mohamed
2nd: Ryan Swiech
3rd: Harleen Kaur

Second Grade:
1st Place: Giavanna Cuccia
2nd: Amelie VanBell
3rd: Kamryn Smith

Third Grade:
1st Place: Shayana Syed
3rd: Christian Cuccia

Fourth Grade: 
1st Place: Carlos Rojas
2nd: Ethan Kim
3rd: Liana Garrido & Amanda Betancur 

Fifth Grade:
1st Place: Mackas Kneski
2nd: Sophia Martinoff
3rd: Alexis Cromwell and Pratheeksha Ganesh