The Memory Project at OCR

The Memory Project at OCR
Posted on 03/25/2022

Old Country Road School participated for the third year in the Memory Project. The Memory Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating global kindness through art. American students exchange heartfelt artwork with children from countries that are culturally very different from the USA. The intent of the exchange is to promote intercultural awareness, break down cultural and geographical barriers, and inspire creativity through the universal language of art.  Information on the Memory Project can be found at

Third grade art students at Old Country Road created their artwork for children in Nigeria who are facing many different types of challenges. Participants wrote their first name and age on the back of the artwork, attached a photo of themselves, and traced an outline of their hand. This allowed all participants in the project to see the child with whom they are exchanging art. Furthermore, it symbolically allowed all participants to touch hands across the world.

These third graders created inspirational artwork based on positive words the children in Nigeria shared about themselves, which was meant to support their confidence and self-esteem. Every student’s photo of themselves on their artwork allowed other children to see the person who is thinking and caring about them.  Students learned how their outlined hands represent a shared connection to other children through uniting their hands across the world. 

The idea behind the Memory Project is to connect youth around the world through art in order to create a kinder world. Children see themselves in one another regardless of differences in appearances, culture, and religion. Students created artwork to show the children how much they inspire us. This project was coordinated by Art Teacher, Melissa Butler. Ms. Butler shared her thanks for the support and funding of the PTA, which allowed this project to be possible.

Memory Project at OCR

Third grade Memory Project students at Old Country Road School accompany, Art Teacher, Melissa Butler, Supervisor of Fine Arts and Theater, Chad Wyman, Principal, Laura McConnell and Co-President of the PTA, Mrs. Eileen Chen.