HHS Qualifies for Science Olympiad Finals

HHS Qualifies for Science Olympiad Finals
Posted on 02/24/2020

Hicksville High School Science Olympiad teams were beaming as they proudly displayed their medals and trophy from the February 1st regional Science Olympiad competition held at Division Avenue High School in Levittown. The teams were thrilled because their overall score qualified them for the New York State Finals to be held at LeMoyne College in Syracuse on March 14th. “We have gone to states before, but never placed so high in the standings,” said science teacher and team advisor John Gienau. “The top six schools qualify for states, and the top 10 earn a medal in each event. We earned 2nd overall after the total summation of events was taken. We compete in numerous events and the students earn an overall score as a team after each event is tallied. Our A team came in 2nd place earning 21 medals in 25 events.” Mr. Gienau shares the coaching responsibilities for the high school’s three teams of 45 students with fellow science teacher Zachary Milack.

Congratulations to our Science Olympians, their coaches, and best of luck to all at the State Finals!  

Below is the listing of each event and the students who placed in the Top 10 at the regionals:

Anatomy and Physiology: 3rd place- Isabella Diaz, Jessica George

Astronomy: 3rd place - Navepreet Singh, Hunter Hsiu,

Boomiliever: 7th place - Cailin Hoang, Sean Zhen

Chemistry Lab: 5th place - Hunter Hsiu, Rishika Thayavally  

Designer Genes: 4th place - Isabella Diaz, Viveka Jain

Detector Building: 3rd place - Aniruddh Chittabthini, Sean Zhen 

Disease Detectives: 6th place - Rishika Thayavally, Isabella Diaz 

Dynamic Planet: 6th place - Felicite Tien, Navepreet Singh

Experimental Design: 2nd place - Sejal Gupta, Eric Zhang, Adith Anugu  

Forensics: 1st place - Sejal Gupta, Hunter Hsiu

Fossils: 9th place - Navepreet Singh, Chris Chan

Geologic Mapping: 6th place - Felicite Tien, Sean Zhen

Gravity Vehicle: 9th place - Cailin Hoang, Adith Anugu  

Green Generation: 2nd place - Jessica George, Viveka Jain 

Machines: 4th place - Sam Zhen, Aniruddh Chittabthini  

Ornithology: 3rd place - Cailin Hoang, Felicite Tien

Protein Modeling: 1st place - Sejal Gupta, Viveka, JainRishika Thayavally    

Science Quiz Bowl: 10th place - Hunter Hsiu, Navepreet Singh, Rishika Thayavally  

Water Quality: 4th place - Eric Zhang, Jessica George

Wright Stuff: 10th place - Sam Zhen, Adith Anugu  

Write it do it: 7th place - Viveka Jain, Sam Zhen

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Hicksville High School’s Science Olympiad teams came home with a trophy and many medals earned at the 2020 regional Science Olympiad competition.