HPS’s Elementary Schools Welcome Parents!

HPS’s Elementary Schools Welcome Parents!
Posted on 09/13/2019

Parents crowded the hallways and classrooms on Thursday evening, September 12th, for Hicksville Public School’s Elementary Open Houses. Teachers welcomed parents into their classrooms to learn about school procedures from homework to lunch to specials. Each student’s work was on display at his or her desk, while students’ posters and autobiographical projects lined the hallways. The schools’ beautifully renovated libraries, sporting new floors, technology, furniture and bookshelves, were a favorite stop for parents and students. Many thanks to the elementary schools’ staff and PTAs for their help in making HPS’s Elementary Open Houses such a success!


Burns Avenue Principal Dr. John Comer welcomed families to the school on Open House night.


Dutch Lane Principal Janine Rossi (left) listened as Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Dillon spoke to parents. Each parent sat in his/her child’s seat and viewed sample work as they learned of school and classroom procedures.


Mrs. Farrell (left), Kindergarten teacher at East Street, spoke with parents in her classroom as a Smartboard at the front of the room announced “The Class of 2023.” 


Principal Christopher Scardino welcomed parents at the Elementary Open House at Fork Lane.


Third grade parents met Mrs. Sommerhalter in her classroom at Lee Avenue where she explained school and classroom procedures and answered parents’ questions.


At Old Country Road Elementary School, third grade teacher Mrs. Kobilca (left) welcomed parents into her classroom during the school’s Open House.


Pre-K teacher Erica Sabatella welcomed new parents during Woodland’s Open House on September 12th.