We Welcome Our Newest Teachers!

We Welcome Our Newest Teachers!
Posted on 08/27/2019
New Teachers

The Hicksville Public School District once again welcomed the newest members of its instructional staff for an Orientation prior to the start of the school year. The newest members of the faculty enjoyed two days of training and acclimation to the district, beginning with a warm welcome from Superintendent of Schools, Marianne Litzman, followed by introductions given by Assistant Superintendent for Personnel, Rosemarie Coletti. 

Teachers also participated in a presentation led by Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, Anthony Lubrano, and Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessments, Susan Guiliano titled, “Excellence in Teaching and Learning.” The presentation was designed to share some of the best practices being used by Hicksville teachers. Lubrano also led the new group on a bus tour of the district. New teachers participated in school-based meetings with principals and curriculum department supervisors to round out their first day. 

During their second day of the orientation, teachers participated in  a workshop session on personnel matters and requirements presented by Coletti, as well as technology training.  Stephanie Sullo, President of the Hicksville Congress of Teachers, hosted a lunch for the new teachers to conclude day two.  In addition to the valuable training, the Orientation also provided the group with an opportunity to develop camaraderie with their new colleagues and share ideas on how to help students make the most of their education. Hicksville’s new teachers are welcomed here by Superintendent of Schools Marianne Litzman (front row, far right), Assistant Superintendent for Personnel Rosemarie Coletti (front row, far left), Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Anthony Lubrano (second row, far right) and Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessments Susan Guiliano (second row, second from right).