Fourth Quarter Grading

Fourth Quarter Grading

In order to demonstrate continued flexibility and an appreciation of the challenges that individual students and families may continue to face, there are several adjustments that have been made to grading for the 4th quarter and the end of year final course grade calculations.


For the 4th Quarter:

There will only be two categories: 

  1. Assignments (40%)

All remote learning assignments will fall under the new Assignment category.  

  1. Participation Grade (60%)

Teachers will track participation weekly in PowerSchool.  Examples of participation include but are not limited to submission of assignments, attending office hours, communicating via email or the Google Classroom, Google Meets, etc.   

For the Calculation of Y1 (Overall Course Average):

  •  Full year course with midterm:  Q1 30%, Q2 30%, Q3 20%, Q4 10%,  Midterm 10%
  •  Full year courses without a midterm: Q1 35%, Q2 35%, Q3 20%,  Q4 10%
  •  Half year courses:   Q3 90%, Q4 10% 

Teachers will be adjusting their gradebook during the week of May 4th.  Please be aware that the PowerSchool Portal will be closed for this transition. Any resulting questions should be directed to individual teachers and building administration if necessary.  As always, your patience and understanding during this time is greatly appreciated.