PowerSchool is a secure web-based student management system designed to strengthen communication between the school and home by providing parents and legal guardians access to their child's attendance records and academic progress online

    Once Registered, visit the site to view:
    1. Attendance records by category (ex: tardy, unexcused, excused)
    2. Posted assignments with due dates and scores received
    3. Progress Reports and Report Cards


    1. PowerSchool provides continuity and easy transition! Once you have opened your account it stays active with the child through graduation! There is no need to register each year.
    2. Information in PowerSchool is current and updated daily. You can accurately and confidently monitor your child’s progress.

    If you have already created an account you can logon from any computer with internet access.  Click the below link.
    Find the PowerSchool Parent and Student App for Android and iOS at the links below.
     App;e  google
     District Code: BHZJ