• Science Overview 

    Michael O'Connell
    Supervisor of Science and Technology


    science The science program promotes sciences as a lifelong search for understanding of biological and physical phenomena. In state-of-the art science labs at both secondary schools, science teachers facilitate student learning so all children can reach their potential. Current approaches of hands-on inquiry-based lessons from kindergarten through twelfth grade are important instructional strategies utilized by the staff. The goal of the science program is to promote scientific literacy. The content of each grade is consistent with both NYS and national science standards.

    High school students study the major sciences at Regents, Honors or Advanced Placement levels. Numerous electives are available to students in Anatomy & Physiology, Environmental Science, Forensic Science, Introduction to Medical Science, and Science Research. Through exposure to various science fields, students are prepared to meet the challenges of the world of work, or further studies in science at prestigious colleges and universities.