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OCR families help students in Kenya

OCR families help students halfway around the world


"Our thanks to long time William Holden Wildlife Foundation supporter Betty Leyser and the Old Country School for their support of our Adopt-A-Desk program. 


This bulletin board was made by the student Council at Old Country Road School in Hicksville, NY to encourage people to donate to this project on Election Day.

Their desk is now at Nyariginu Secondary School.


Thanks to Mrs. Leyser and the students for enriching the lives of students halfway around the world.

For more information about our Adopt-A-Desk program, please visit"

This is the rolling bulletin board that encouraged people to donate:


BBD for desk


Although William Holden's illustrious acting career spanned over 40 years, and included nearly 80 films plus a coveted Oscar for STALAG 17, the role in which he took the most pride was as a conservationist and co-founder of the Mount Kenya Game Ranch. His dedicated efforts to preserve the wildlife so precious to all of us soon expanded through out the world, as he instilled in everyone he touched a reverence for nature's creatures.

In his memory, I founded the William Holden Wildlife Foundation, in cooperation with his former partners, to carry on his important efforts and to meet the ever-increasing demand for alternatives to extinction. The foundation's education program currently serves over 10,000 students per year. Overhead expenses in the United States are underwritten through the generosity of a single donor, ensuring that virtually 100% of your tax-deductible donation goes directly to our work.

We hope you will consider participating in our present and in our future.

Stefanie Powers