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Celebrating Veterans

In honor of Veterans Day, schools throughout the district participated in a variey of activities designed to teach students the importance of expressing their appreciation for the nation’s heroes and recognizing the sacrifices they have made.

At Woodland, students wrote personalized “thank you” letters to veterans, and signed a banner on behalf of their classes. The letters were delivered to Northport VA Medical Center, which provides healthcare services to veterans.

At Fork Lane, students received a visit from Valerie Pfundstein, author of “Veterans: Heroes in Our Neighborhood,” who read aloud the book, shared stories about veterans, and discussed different ways students can thank these heroes. In addition, Hicksville Superintendent of Schools Dr. Carl Bonuso, who is also a veteran, attended the event and shared some of his own personal experiences from when he served the country.

The Veterans Day activities at Woodland and Fork Lane are examples of the district’s celebration of and appreciation for the nation’s heroes.
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