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Hicksville Robotics Team - World Championships

Robotics Team 2018

The Hicksville robotics team competed at the world championship in Detroit, Michigan this past week. At the competition, they competed against 68 teams in their division.  The excellent driving skills by Senior Felix Diaz and Operator senior Mohit Patel’s ability to pick up and release cubes to the Human Player Junior Alyssa Furman showed teams from around the world that they were a valuable alliance partner. The Number one seeded team picked them because they mastered the Vault. They were the highest vault point robot in their division. In fact, out of 405 teams we were the second highest vault scoring robot in the world championship!

With the pit managed by Grant Fields, the technician Bryan Eichenauer, and crew member Alyssa Furman and Chris Fiorello, they were able to keep their robot working in excellent condition for each match. 

The scouting members scouted all matches to help collect data to assist the drive team and their alliance partners to allow them to prepare to face their opponents in their matches. The scouters were Alex Diaz, Amith Anugu, Amy Kacprzycki, Aniket Sonika, Esha Singh, Justin Hisgen, Krish Patel, Mark Ospina, Monit Patel, Taniya Bhambra, Teghpal Singh, and Roshon Joshi all led by the head scouter Brandon Sporn who worked with the team each night to input data into a excel spreadsheet.

Kudos to Coach Temps and our Robotics Team Superstars for giving Hicksville national recognition.