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Old Country Road Honors Dr. Bonuso

Students and staff members at Old Country Road honored Superintendent of 
Schools Dr. Carl Bonuso with a heartwarming ceremony to commemorate his 
retirement this year. 

Staff members planned the program as a surprise for Dr. Bonuso, who was 
under the impression that he was attending one of the school’s character 
traits assemblies. In actuality, however, the event was designed to 
celebrate his extraordinary characteristics, as students took turns 
speaking about the countless ways Dr. Bonuso has positively impacted the 
district during his four years of service. Dr. Bonuso was also presented 
with flowers and a beautiful poster that read, “You Put the ‘Super’ in 

“Empathy, flexibility, persistence, resilience, and most importantly, 
optimism,” said Principal Anthony Lubrano of Dr. Bonuso’s defining 
character traits. “I hope you continue to wield your superpowers after 
retirement. We will miss you and hope you will fly by and visit us 


Old Country Road Honors Dr. Bonuso  Old Country Road Honors Dr. Bonuso