Student Programs

The Hicksville Public School District provides many opportunities in academic, extra-curricular, community service and athletic programs. In addition, the district provides low cost summer recreation, art and academic programs for those parents wishing to keep their children close to home in a productive and safe summer learning or play environment.

Parent Organizations

Parent involvement is vital component to a child's success at Hicksville Public Schools. Parents are welcome to join various organizations created to support schools and programs that benefit the school community and give students fundraising and after school events.

Community Programs

In addition to programs for enrolled students, community needs are also met by the district. Our Parent Center provides support, resources, information, programs and workshops for children and parents. The center focuses on positive parenting, health and safety issues, academics, social and emotional well-being for a diverse audience. Also a year round Adult Continuing Education program provides the community with opportunities and activities to promote lifelong learning. Adults can enjoy the company of others as a community of learners exploring new interests and strengthening present ones.