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Email Directory

There are now 2 ways to access your child's teachers, coaches, social workers, psychologists, and guidance counselors through email. 

1. Email Directory

The Staff Directory is now on our District's website at the following link Email Directory

On this page you can search for your contact by name or category. Click on the email envelope to fill out the email form. This will forward your email to their email address. You will then be able to correspond when you receive a reply. 

Email Listing

Email Form

2. PowerSchool

If you do not have a specific name to search, you can use the Powerschool link to access your child's teacher email contact information through your child's schedule (see picture example below). It is the same link you have always used to access your child's information.

Powerschool logo


Powerschool Screen shot


Phone Directory

The phone contact information for our District Administration and Building Administration is available at the following links. 




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Secondary Schools

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